Recent Projects

Friday Night Leeches

Biology team studying how nervous systems recover from injuries.

Coordinated by Dr. Joshua Puhl

Team: Shaylee Denham, Carlo Ruiz, Andrea Pachas, Damaris Sanchez, Isaac Garcia, Natalie Grijalva, Joshua Valadez, Faith Malek, Jaime Navarro

Built with Python, MATLAB,  and TrackerApp from 2019 to present

Real-time projected topography lines on a sand surface. Interactive demonstration displayed at the Geomatics and Engineering conference at Fresno State.

Built by Benjamin Cates and Mike Fink

Built with Unity, Microsoft Kinect, and Shaderlab in Fall 2022.

Caffeine Synthesis

Aims to synthesize caffeine from small molecules in a multistep process.

Coordinated by Dr. Chiara MacPherson

Team: Eric Ramos, Julio Castorena, Nallely Hinojosa, Hannah Gomez

Built with the COS Chemistry lab in 2023

Drone Follow Arrow

Tensorflow-trained drone that moves in the direction of a painted arrow around an obstacle course.

Team: David Weaver, Carlos Rosiles, Eric Zhao, James Blakely, Lawrence Nichols

Built with TensorFlow (Python) and the DJI Tello drone - Fall 2022 to present

Laser Cut 3D Model Generator

Generates the intersections between planes and 3d models and exports to a format compatible with the Glowforge.

Built by Joey Battistoni with Blender, Illustrator, and the Glowforge in Fall 2022.

Raybound is a 2D platformer where you play as a spriteless figure that must find your sprite. You'll uncover mysteries about the world and what your true self is.

Built by Juan Bravo with Unity, Blender, and Krita from 2020 to 2022.

Simulating the electric field of various charge and conductor shapes within an interactive scene.

Team: Benjamin Cates, Joey Battistoni, Jerricho Ensign

Built with TypeScript, WebGL, LaTeX, and Math.js in Spring 2023

Quicksand Lamp

Bubbles hold up sand as it cascades down to the bottom. Will be attached to a lamp. We are currently working on its design.

Built with the Glowforge in Spring 2023

Upcoming projects

Fabricated at FNL

Using the Glowforge Laser Cutter and our 3D Printers featured on the Tools page.

COS Infinity Mirror

FNL Sign-in

Mathematical Pi Cup

Stylistic Clock

Notable Past Projects

Virtual Museum

Web app that stores and display our 3d scans.

Built with JavaScript, TS, and 3D scanner in Spring 2019


A custom modification of a remote controlled car.

Built with C++, RC car in Spring 2019

Open Graphing Calculator 

Web based graphing calculator with calculus functionality.

Built by John Redden and Paul Gonzales-Becerra using JSXGraph and MathQuill in 2015

Newtons Method App

Web based teaching aid for demonstrating Newtons Method with derivatives.

Built by John Redden, Rachel Owens, Paul Gonzales-Becerra, and Cory Lewis in 2016.


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