Current Projects

List of on-going and current projects here:

  • Real-time Projection Topo Sandbox
  • This Website
  • Acrylic Etching Base and Lixie Tube LED lighting.
  • 3d Scanning of a complete selection of Star Wars Light Sabre

Pinball Machine Restoration

Classic "Space Shuttle" built in 1982.

Open Graphing Calculator

A free open-source web based graphing calculator with calculus functionality.


A custom modification of a remote controlled car.

Newtons Method App

A nice nice teaching aid for demonstrating Newtons Method. Web app with dynamic derivative calculations.

Virtual Museum

A web app created to store and display our 3d scans.

Dr. O's Peoples Choice App

A simple voting web app for Dr. O's engineering classes.

Air Hockey SURGE

A fun air hockey game developed for our Game Table! You can also find this game on the Google Play store.


Our first game! This is a web app using Javascript and the phaser.js game engine. You can also find it on the Google Play store.

Notable Past Projects

List past projects here:

  • - Hashtag based location sharing app.
  • BongoBall - Mobile paddle control app using Phaser.js
  • Hard and soft articulated robotics.
  • Arduino controlled Internet of things (IoT)